Who is
That Guy?

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That Guy (‘[th]at’gI), n.

  1. Anyone (yes, ladies, you too!) who, after drinking excessive amounts of alcohol, loses control of self or situation with humiliating or compromising results:
    1. Used to suggest shameful or embarrassing behavior: What is That Guy thinking? Or, no way am I hanging out with That Guy.
    2. Used to imply unpleasant transformation or metamorphosis: Everything was great until my friend drank a few too many and turned into That Guy.
    3. Associated with negative—sometimes extreme—consequences: Sick, That Guy puked in my car! That Guy was loaded into the ambulance last night.
    4. Used as a reference of mockery or to make fun of another’s condition: Get a load of That Guy!
  2. A negative example, often used to mock someone: Don’t be THAT GUY.