12 Ways to Say No to Another Drink

a hand and a beer indicating the beer is not wanted
Source: BrianAJackson/iStock/Thinkstock

  • Stay strong in your choice. You don’t have to explain your decisions to anyone.
  • Don’t make up excuses that will lead to embarrassing questions or extend the conversation.
  • Hold a water or soda in your hands throughout the night to ward off questions.

Ever tried to pass on a drink at a party or bar only to be teased and pressured by friends the rest of the night? It can be tempting to give in, but there are ways to say no to another drink without feeling guilty or missing out on the fun.

Whether you’re trying to cut back on your drinking, avoid the extra calories in alcohol or are the designated driver, there is nothing wrong with drinking less or not drinking at all.

Learn to say no in a simple, direct way that leaves no room for argument. Try one of these lines next time your friend asks if you want a drink:

1. No, thanks.

2. I’m good.

3. I’m driving tonight.

4. I have an early morning tomorrow.

5. I’m just not feeling it tonight.

6. I need to cut back on my calories.

7. Actually, can I get a water/soda/seltzer?

8. I just finished one—give me a minute!

9. I’m not feeling great. Trying to take it easy tonight.

10. I don’t want to ruin my gym workout—sticking to a healthy diet right now.

11. I’ve hit my limit.

12. I don’t drink.

Even with these lines, you might still hear, “Come on? Just one!” But stay strong in your decision to cut back or not drink. If saying no makes you nervous, don’t be afraid to write down your answers before going out. Make a promise to yourself to stick with your decision—your body will thank you later!

Posted August 15, 2018