Alcohol and Your Health

Physical Health

Alcohol can mess with your sleep, your workout and your overall health.

Less Alcohol, More Gains

June 13, 2019

Less Alcohol, More Gains One too many drinks won’t hurt my fitness goals, right? Wrong. Don’t let alcohol fool you. […]
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Ladies: 4 Drinking Tips to Live Your Best Life

October 12, 2018

Life Happens. Being a female Service member can put you to the test mentally and physically. Who says you can’t […]
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You’ll Sleep Better Without Alcohol

August 27, 2018

Need Some Zzzs? Drink Less Alcohol. You need quality sleep. Your mission might make it hard for you to get […]
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Young man at a gym

Guys: Here are Four Ways Alcohol is Impacting Your Health Right Now

June 25, 2018

Did you know that a night of drinking can give you more than a hangover? Here are four ways alcohol […]
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